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Daily trips from island Murter

There are many natural and historical landmarks near Murter which are definitely worth the visit.

National park Krka

National park Krka is placed near Murter, 40 kilometers from it. River Krka makes it's way through north dalmatian plateau, making a deep canon, rich with waterfalls, lakes and vegetation. When you find your self in national park Krka, there are few places that you simply must visit. Landmarks and attractions which can be found there include many trails, water trips and presentations, boat rides, souvenir shops, museums and restaurants. You can also find few archeological remains of fortresses near park that date from Roman empire.

Daily trips from island Murter

Sibenik city

St. Jacob's cathedral, city hall, many fortresses, galleries and churches are only a small part of rich cultural heritage of this city, which is almost like a live museum. Old town with it's shops and streets will leave you breathless, and St. Jacob's cathedral will remind you of beautiful Renaissance times. Sibenik is famous for it's fortresses, from which visitors can enjoy a beautiful view on nearby islands.

Zadar city

Daily trips from island Murter

Zadar is the biggest city and main city of Zadar region. City itself is a real source of Croatian history and science heritage, and it is a carrier of Croatian written and musical tradition. Tourist landmarks of Zadar are based on combination of cultural and natural beauties, as well on possibilities for discovering new attractions. City has many landmarks of world importance, which you can see on every step. St. Donat's church from 9th century is a key landmark for this area, and other important ones include renewed St. Križevan's church from 12th century, St. Maria's bell tower from 1105., and St.Anastasia's cathedral from 13th century.

Trips to Kornati

Daily trips from island Murter

Kornati islands are a real island paradise, archipelago with the highest density on whole Mediterranean, which is extraordinary cause of it's amazing natural beauties, and the best of it all is that it remained untouched. They are placed in a middle part of Croatian coast, near island Murter. Cause of it's natural beauty, indentation of the coast, preserved nature and rich sea life, most part of Kornati islands is announced a national park. Specially interesting are trips to Kornati from Murter, cause Murter is the nearest spot for National park Kornati. This position offers a possibility for a quality trip on which visitors will be able to have enough time for sightseeing and swimming, and less time will be spent on travel itself. Murter is also called a capital city of Kornati, cause it's locals are owners of almost every island of Kornati archipelago.

Trips to Vrana

Vrana lake on northeastern part of crypto depressionis the biggest lake in Croatia. It's natural beauty, richness and diversity of birds and fish makes it a perfect place for studying wild life. That ultimately resulted in making this region a protected nature park. With marked bicycling trails, you can find many educational programs (especially for children) in this park, which makes it a perfect place for bird watching all of the birds that nest in this area.

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